The objective of the Taiwan SMEG is to provide credit guarantees to those small and medium enterprises (hereafter referred to as “SMEs”) in normal operation but short of collateral for external financing. With guarantees provision, the Taiwan SMEG helps these enterprises to smoothly secure financing from financial institutions (hereafter referred to as “FIs”). The operation of the Taiwan SMEG is in line with the government’s financial and economic policies to assist SMEs.


SMEs play an extremely important role in Taiwan’s economic development. In early 1970’s, a large number of SMEs suffered from the recession and inflation brought about by the oil crisis.

At that time, the FIs turned to be conservative and requested very stringent collateral requirements on SMEs’ loan applications. SMEs thus encountered great difficulties in obtaining financing.

To cope with these situations, the Taiwan SMEG was established in 1974 to strengthen the financing assistance to SMEs.

The Logo

The logo is composed of two circles and one triangle. Two partially overlapped circles represent the intimate relationship between the small and medium business sector and the financial institution sector.

The triangle, which stands for a bridge, connects the two circles to symbolize that the Taiwan SMEG performs as a bridge to channel the small and medium business sector and the financial institution sector.

The red oval at the center of the logo represents a seed. It symbolizes that each small or medium business is treasured as a seed by the Taiwan SMEG, which will sprout, grow, and develop. The oval combined with the triangle also devotes the smooth taking off of SMEs with the assistance provided by the Taiwan SMEG.